Medical University of Plovdiv

Plodiv medical university is one of the best medical universities in Bulgaria. The study medicine in Blugaria programme is 6 years and once graduated they are qualified to work anywhere. Plodiv medical university is located in the second biggest city in Bulgaria -Plodiv.  Plodiv Medical university is a prestigious educational and scientific centre for nearly 70 years and consists of 4 schools (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and healthcare).

Training at the Medical School at the Medical Faculty of MU-Plovdiv
  • It includes training in pre-clinical and clinical subjects and one-year medical practice.
  • Basic and special medical disciplines are studied in logical sequence and interrelation.
  • The learning process is carried out according to the modern requirements for higher medical education. The presence of teachers with long term professional, scientific and pedagogical experience, and the modern facilities are a prerequisite for the excellent theoretical preparation and development of practical skills of the graduating MU – Plovdiv doctors.
  • Surviving state exams acquire a master’s degree and a professional medical qualification.

Medical Faculty of MU-Plovdiv in recent years

  • The Medical Faculty is the base from which the Higher Medical Institute originally originated and later its successor -the Medical University in Plovdiv.
  • It currently teaches 1,800 students in the specialty "Medicine".
  • The training is conducted in Bulgarian and in English.
  • Nearly 800 foreign medical students are nationals of 27 countries from 5 continents, including the United States. - From Great Britain, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Germany, USA, China, Sweden, Finland, Norway, New Zealand.
  • The structure of the Medical Faculty includes 27 departments. The newest one is Clinical Oncology (2013).
  • During the academic year 2013/2014, training was introduced in the disciplines "Clinical Oncology" and "Emergency Medicine".
  • The main priority of the Faculty of Medicine management is to increase the quality of the training of the students and to bring the curricular in line with the European and the Unified State Medical requirements.
  • Students can choose between more than 30 disciplines to complete their credits from the first to the sixth course.
  • There are more than 15 courses in the faculty in which students enrich their knowledge outside the curriculum.
  • The research activity of the Faculty of Medicine is aimed at introducing new methods and innovative technologies in endoscopic surgery and microsurgery, imaging diagnostics, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy; prevention, diagnosis and therapy of oncological, cardiovascular and neurological conditions; creation and implementation of new methods and technologies in medical practice.

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