About Us

Euro Medi City is incorporated as a dedicated team of academic professionals who seek out and introduce opportunities to potential students, helping them earn degrees in different branches of medical science in selected EU nations.

We at Euro Medi City make it possible for candidates to join medical institutes in Poland and Romania where they shall get to stay and learn at reasonable tuition fees. Upon successful completion, they earn degrees in their chosen verticals, certificates of which are issued by internationally recognized universities.

The academics are delivered in English and hence will pose no language barrier that shall impede the completion of the course enrolled into.

The students who get certified under the academic programmes we sponsor have the distinct advantage of bypassing qualification exams before pursuing a profession in any of the EU nations. Students can also seek employment in India or a host of other countries of the world.

Students can rest assured that the universities we recommend and officially represent are internationally recognized and ranked high in terms of academic quality and advanced technological facilities. The medical institutions the students attend are affiliated to these universities that are enlisted in all famous directories viz. WHO and IMED that feature internationally popular medical schools.

An experience with the success rate going in the thousands in placing candidates in prestigious medical establishments all over the world makes us confident in inviting you to take this golden opportunity to study medical sciences abroad at reasonable cost.

Come to us and learn more about the academic medical programmes we have on offer and plan a great future with confidence